Spotlight : Sling Libraries

Recently, we’ve been contacted by a few parents on social media, enquiring as to how they can choose between carriers and the benefits of our carriers over those from other manufacturers. Without talking you through the product face-to-face or while the products are in your hands, it can sometimes be difficult. That’s where sling libraries come in and why they are so important.

Wear My Baby | Tooting Sling Meet Jan 2017

Image Credit : Wear My Baby | Tooting Sling Meet, January 2017

Sling libraries offer invaluable services to parents interested in babywearing who want to find out more and learn about their options. Often run by qualified babywearing consultants or peer supporters, each library will have a collection of baby carriers and baby wraps available for hire or for you to try before you purchase your own. The consultant will be able to ensure you are wearing your baby in the correct and safe way in your chosen carrier or sling, as well as ensuring the fit is right for you, your baby and your lifestyle. They can also recommend carry positions to suit your personal situation.

Many libraries also offer ‘sling meets’ where like-minded parents can meet regularly to socialise and share their parenting experiences.

We can’t recommend enough for you to find your local sling library. Not only do they provide services, but they can also introduce you to like-minded parents, expanding your social circle and allowing you to get help and advice, all for free!


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