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Ergobaby UK | Sling Library Spotlight | Worthing Sling Library

This month we’re showcasing Worthing Sling Library,
as part of our new “Sling Library Spotlight” series! 🌟

Each month, we will be video showcasing a sling library from the UK to share a bit about themselves and the invaluable services they offer local families and the wider community.

We will also be asking them to share some of the most asked questions and how they answer them!

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Lysanne Skinner | Worthing Sling Library | Ergobaby UK | Sling Library Spotlight

Babywearing Consultant & Owner, Lysanne, talks through the history of Worthing Sling Library and the different services and events she offers to families in Worthing and the surrounding areas.



Top Question

Doesn’t it hurt your back?

In short, NO. If it did then I wouldn’t do it! A properly fitted ergonomic carrier will be comfortable for any amount of time, with any age of child and they will feel (virtually!) weightless when you wear them.

High street, narrow based carriers WILL hurt your back because they are not ergonomically designed for baby or wearer which is the reason I don’t have any of them in the Sling Library. These are the carriers that give the rest of them a reputation for hurting backs!

The trick is to find the right carrier for you, for your child’s stage of development and understanding how your carrier works so you can adjust it as your child grows maintaining that weightless feel.

Worthing Sling Library

credit : Worthing Sling Library

The easiest carrier to adjust to yourself and a growing child is a woven wrap due to the tightening process. When you tighten that piece of fabric around both of you just right it is incredibly comfortable, soft and supportive and with all carrying positions available it is the most versatile as well.

Stretchies and Caboos are as equally fab for newborns as for your newly post-pregnant body as it recovers from creating this little life. Soft, cuddly and supportive they ensure a true ergonomic position for your precious newborn’s little joints.

Like wovens and stretchies, ring slings are fitted perfectly to you and your baby with the added speed of the rings. Once you’ve got the ‘knack’ then they are the quickest carrier out there – and they don’t make you feel wonky! The dynamics of the carrier work on a right angled triangle principle creating a strong, equally balanced carry whether on your front, back or hip.

Meh dais are the perfect mix of woven wraps and buckled carriers. All the comfort and support of a woven wrap, but with the ease of a buckled carrier (but no buckles!). They provide a supple ergonomic fit for both baby and wearer and are super comfortable.

Funnily enough, the most popular type of carrier is actually the hardest to get comfortable. Buckled carriers may be quick and with little learning curve, but they are the hardest to perfect for long periods of time and as your child gets heavier. The key with buckled carriers is to ensure full knee to knee support at all times and that your straps are done up tight, whilst ensuring your child also maintains their naturally curved spine. Remember, buckled carriers are like jeans – finding that pair that fit you perfectly is a journey but once you’ve got them then don’t let them go!

Worthing Sling Library

credit : Worthing Sling Library

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Upcoming Events

 Parent & Baby Cinema
Mondays, 12pm

The Dome Cinema
BN11 3PT
Tuesdays, 9am

Worthing Sling Library
BN13 2AU
 Coffee, Cakes & Carriers
Thursdays, 10am

St Paul’s Worthing
BN11 1EE

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