Reasons to Choose Babywearing

We really believe that babywearing is for everyone. Whether you’re a first-time parent or a parent of 3, using a baby carrier or sling can help you every day. Here’s just some of the things you may not have considered…

Skin to Skin

It’s been well documented that skin-to-skin contact between a mum and baby helps with bonding and breastfeeding. It is also a great way for dad and baby to bond in the first few weeks after birth. Holding baby gently cradled in a sling allows for a more gentle introduction from womb to the world.

Our Aura Baby Wrap is lightweight and breathable, allowing your baby to be held comfortably against your body, so you can both enjoy those first cuddles.

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Don’t Forget Dads

Mum has been carrying baby for 9 months, so it’s no surprise that a lot of dads are eager to have their turn when baby arrives!

Our Embrace newborn carrier can be used from birth (min. 3.2kgs/7lbs – 11.3kgs) and is the simplest way to wear your newborn. With soft jersey fabric and criss cross shoulder straps, your new baby is held close and the satisfying ‘click’ of each buckle helps reassure you that baby is secure.

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Dog Walkers

Have you considered the reality of taking your four-legged friend for walks with baby along for the ride? Taking a stroller off road can be a bit of a struggle with 1 hand, the other holding on to a lead. Then there’s the prospect of man-handling the stroller in to the back of the car with muddy wheels… but then where does your muddy pooch go?!

Our 360 baby carriers are popular with dog lovers, as not only do they allow you to carry baby with your hands free (for ball throwing and lead holding), but it also means you can leave the stroller at home!

This carrier also offers the popular forward facing carry position, so baby can look outward and watch as your fur baby has fun at the park.

The Cool Air Mesh models feature a quick-drying, breathable mesh, keeping everyone cooler on more adventurous outings, whatever the weather!

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2 Kids under 4

If this isn’t your first time, having a baby carrier for your newborn can really help with parenting older children. Having baby close to you, away from the boisterous games of their older siblings gives you peace of mind, as well as your hands to deal with the everyday. You can still cuddle, play and tend to your older ones, just like you used to!

We also know that little legs still get tired and whilst your 2-year-old might begin your walk with gusto, just round the corner, they could be asking to be carried too.

Our Adapt baby carrier is exactly that – Adaptable. It can be used from newborn to toddler, meaning you can adjust on the go. Pop baby in the stroller, swing your toddler up on your back in the carrier and just like that, everyone’s happy!

(Or, if you’re feeling strong, you can master the tandem carry – find out how here!)

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Breastfeeding Mums

Ask any mum who breastfed their children and they’ll tell you newborns feed A LOT. Around 8 – 12 times a day for the first month. This means that if mum needs to get things done during the day, a little extra help from a baby carrier can go a long way! It’s possible to breastfeed in all of our carriers, allowing mum to truly feed ‘on demand’, wherever she goes.

Our Omni 360 baby carrier can be used from birth with no infant insert. The cushioned, criss crossable shoulder straps help to customise the fit to keep both mum and baby comfortable whilst breastfeeding. The in-built sun hood can be used for privacy and can also be helpful for older babies who are easily distracted by their surroundings whilst nursing!

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Choosing the Carrier that’s Right for You

It all depends on your needs: adult’s shape and size, baby’s shape and size, age and stage of development, where you intend on using it and what for, whether you prefer a wrap or a buckle carrier and then the colour, style and look!

Head over to to shop the complete collection. There is really something for everyone!