Our new Adapt SoftFlex™ Mesh in the test: clear recommendation from midwives

Just because we like our products doesn’t mean others will. As one of the world’s leading companies in the field of ergonomic baby carriers, we are always striving to make our products even better, so we are always dependent on feedback from the field.  That is why it is important to us that both parents and medical experts test our products for suitability for everyday use, ergonomics, handling and comfort. No sooner said than done! With the introduction of the revised Adapt baby carrier last September, we were able to have 64 midwives and babywearing advisors from Germany and Austria for an extensive product test. Our carriers are extensively tested and assessed in everyday life with many different families in practice as well as many different experts and health professionals. After the test phase, there was of course an extensive survey for the midwives to fill out.

This is what our testers said

Are you excited about the results? Rightly so, and so were we. That’s why we don’t want to keep you in suspense too much: Over 92 percent of the experts would recommend our baby carrier. Overall, the product received the grade “good” (1.9). The result is impressive and we are very proud that our new Ergobaby is so well received by babies, parents and health professionals.

What makes the Adapt even better

But you’re probably wondering: What’s new about Ergobaby’s Adapt baby carrier? We’ll tell you. You might not always see it at first glance, but we are always changing small details to take a product to the next level of development. On the one hand, we have a completely new, very breathable material, the SoftFlex™Mesh, which makes up almost 90% of the baby carrier thanks to its diamond-shaped, super airy-light construction, fits snugly and provides precise support, and on the other hand, we have a completely new fit for parents. With thinner and slimmer shoulder straps, even more proportions fit into this ergonomic 3-position baby carrier. And to make it even easier to handle in everyday life with baby, we have also changed the buckle guide on the shoulder straps and the corresponding connecting strap. In addition, the waist belt, just like the Omni Breeze, has large ventilation holes in the foam, so that nothing stands in the way of great, active adventures. Of course, safety is not neglected either. Reflectors at the front of the back panel and at the back of the shoulder straps allow adventurous families to be visible at all hours.

What people liked most

The respondents particularly liked the easy handling, the breathable, soft material, the high level of comfort due to the soft padding and the possibility to adjust the Adapt optimally and continuously to the size of the growing child and their own body according to age and development. No wonder, the easy-care Ergobaby Adapt is as simple as 1-2-3, and you can use it from birth to toddler age (approx. 20.4 kg). It offers you flexible options for carrying your child: in the inward carry from birth and from six months onwards also in the hip and back carry. If you don’t know our great baby carrier yet, take a look at it in our shop and test for yourself in your local baby store. And a little tip: If you prefer our cuddly soft and brushed cotton, you can get the same carrier, just in a different material.