Metro Shop Rating: 4.7/5 stars with 90% of consumers recommending Metro!

Do you already own one of our super compact Metro models? If so, then maybe you’ve also taken part in our great promotional campaign, where you got a FREE carrybag after submitting a rating for the Metro. If not, once you purchase a Metro Stroller from our collection you can also take a few moments to sit at the computer and send us your thoughts on the foldable city stroller, because this campaign has been extended until June 30th!

Metro Stroller Carry Bag Offer

So far, we have received many reviews from all over Europe. More than 500 in total, which makes us very proud: 90 % positive.  This means that other parents are more than satisfied with the functionality, comfort, quality and compactness of the Metro as it scored an average rating of 4.7/5 stars!

But what exactly do you like about our compact urban beauty? For one, precisely that. The Metro is so compact that it can be folded up and fitted into every boot or footwell below the child’s seat.  Metro-owner family p says:

“Unbeatable argument: foldable down to the smallest size with one hand, so it fits into any boot and frees up room for other things.”

Thanks to this functionality,  you can overcome any obstacle in your everyday life. Some of you have it set up permanently in the car (Stine), so it’s ready for travel at any time. But it also fits perfectly “into the clothes locker of our swimming pool” (Benito), thus making your everyday life easier.

According to the different reviews, Metro is very smooth-running and agile. So much so that it can be steered with only one hand. Max says:

“Another positive aspect of the buggy is that it is so agile when compared to a regular buggy. This and the already mentioned size gives you the feeling that you are not always in the way when shopping in the supermarket.”

The small bag in the backrest for little things is rated positively by Suzi, one of our customers.

For when the sun comes out, Metro fans are pleased with “the big canopy that protects him (the son, NB) from the low-lying sun” (Benito). However, he wishes the peek-a-boo window were a little bit bigger so he’d be able to see his son clearly. But in general, this is also rated positively by you, our customers.

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Well, we could go on like this forever and list all your lovely comments here… And that is what we’ll do. But not here and not today. At a later stage, we definitely will, because there are a few more features that will convince you of our favourite Metro. People who cannot wait can read through all the ratings in our shop. Today we want to say thank you for your great feedback and end this post with the words of TugceMalik (that could easily be ours):

“We love our buggy and we cannot wait to take it with us when travelling all around the world.”