Looking for Breastfeeding Tips? Check out these tips from our followers….

Having worked with mums in the development of our products, we know that breastfeeding isn’t always a walk in the park!

A while back we asked our followers to post tips for new mums embarking on their first breastfeeding journey and here is some of the advice they gave :

1. “My tip is to aim at drinking a whole bottle of water with every feed – keeps you hydrated and maintain a good supply for your little one!” – Pinky L

2. “Take time at the beginning to get you both into the habit of a getting a good latch. It’s essential for protecting your nipples! Baby to breast, then nipple to nose, rub nipple on baby’s nose and wait until the mouth is wide open bringing baby to nipple. Aim to get a good bit of areola into baby’s mouth not just the nipple. You’re nipple should not be flat after. It may be uncomfortable until your nipples get used of it but not painful. If painful best to see a lactation consultant to help with latch. Try to relax and enjoy.” – Patricia M

3. “Huge tip is do what you think is right. Babies latch for however long they want and it can be short feeds or long feeds. You know your baby and no matter what anyone says you are doing a fantastic job!!” – Emma C

4. “I was so nervous about not being able to feed my LB. My tip would be to experiment with positioning. I wasn’t able to feed him in the typical ‘cradle’ position but needed up finding it easier with him in the ‘rugby ball’ position. It does take time to find what works for you.” – Becky A

5. “Breasts are rivers not lakes- always flowing, you don’t run out of milk. Also don’t give up in the early days when it’s hard as after a while it becomes so easy and you will feel sorry for formula feeding mummy’s and all the faff of making bottles when you can just lazily whip a boob out and feed baby instantly.” – Rachael M

6. “Lower your expectations of yourself on what else you can/should get done in those first three months especially. Re-set priorities and take the time to feed and be with your baby. Don’t feel guilty about it and allow, even invite, life to be slow-paced.” – Nadine K

7. “Accept hands on help : learning how to project manage baby, boobs, cushions and the rest of your recovering body takes practice and, sometimes, an extra pair of hands.” – Claire M

8. “My tip would be to invest in a nursing necklace – keeps my 4 month olds busy little hands occupied, instead of scratching or slapping me!” – Gemma P

9. “My best tip is to get skin to skin as much as you can & enjoy those milky cuddles; even when you’ve been going for hours and feel like prize cow.” – Le F

10. “There will always be someone (in the hospital or in your group of family and friends) who has been there and is waiting for you to ask. Find that person/people, listen to and accept the help and advice they have and use it to fit you and your baby. Support is key to success. Trust your baby, drink water, use lanolin between feeds and relax.” – Victoria

11. “Seek advice when needed. Remember in UK culture it is not seen as ‘natural’ to breastfeed and it’s often not something we grew up having modeled to us. Health visitors can help offer advice and friendly cafes and places to go that welcome Breast feeding is a plus.” – Tess C

12. “Get yourself comfortable and relax, even if that means singing a song. Being tense, either by sitting twisted or hunched or by putting pressure on yourself, makes it a million times harder. Babies are so amazing at picking up on our emotions, and when you both ‘get it’ (they’re learning too) its absolutely amazing.” – Charlene M


A massive thank you to all of the mums who posted tips! Having such a massive response just goes to show how eager experienced, breastfeeding mums really want to help reassure new mums!

If you need more help with breastfeeding, head to your local children’s centre or alternatively places like the Breastfeeding Network can help you find support in your area online.

And if you’re having trouble getting yourself and baby comfortable as you feed, head to our facebook page or instagram for a chance to WIN our Natural Curve™️ Nursing Pillow! [Competition closes at 23:59 on 23rd November 2017, full T&Cs can be found here.)