Everything You Need to Know About the Ergobaby Easy Snug Infant Insert

Ergobaby | All Position 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier in Carbon Grey with Cool Air Mesh Easy Snug Infant Insert in Grey

Everything You Need to Know About the Ergobaby Easy Snug Infant Insert

Nothing is more important than your new little baby. You’ll want to spend every waking moment snuggling them and ensuring they’re content and safe.

Baby Carriers allow you to keep your baby close while still being able to do things around the house and go about having a normal-as-possible day. Well as normal as normal can be in the current times!

For some of our Ergobaby carriers you will need to use an infant insert when using the carrier from birth, read on to find out when you need to use the Easy Snug Infant Insert with your carrier.

Ergobaby | Easy Snug Infant Insert in Natural

How to Use the Easy Snug Infant Insert

Our Easy Snug Infant Insert can be used two different ways:

You can use the whole insert to totally support a newborn baby inside our Original carrier or our All Position 360 carrier. (Please note: you do not need a newborn insert for our EmbraceAdapt and Omni 360 Carriers).

You can use just the pillow part of the insert as a cushioned booster for babies with stronger necks and better head control.

Whether using the whole insert or just the pillow, make sure your baby is correctly sitting on the pillow and that the pillow is placed at the bottom of the insert and/or carrier.

When and Why You Need the Infant Insert

You only need to use the infant insert in the Original and All Position 360 baby carriers.  The infant insert is a safe, comfortable, convenient and easy-to-use insert for newborns. It’s important to use the infant insert because it provides structured, cushioned head and neck support for babies 0-6 months old, as well as keeps your baby’s legs in the ergonomic “M” shape. The infant insert ensures your baby feels snug, safe and content, while also giving you peace of mind knowing your precious baby is comfortably supported inside our carrier. The infant insert should only be used in the front inward carry position.

When You Don’t Need the Infant Insert

Infant inserts should be used with our Original Baby Carrier and our 360 carrier, but aren’t necessary with the Adapt and Omni 360 baby carriers.

If you’re using the Original Baby Carrier or our 4 position 360 carrier, some babies won’t need the infant insert if they meet all of the following requirements:

  • 4-6 months old but have the following as well :
    • Have good head and neck control
    • Can see over the top of the carrier
    • Can sit inside the carrier without it bunching at the bottom between their legs

Our infant insert isn’t needed with some of our carriers, such as the Adapt and Omni 360 carriers. The Omni 360 is the baby carrier for every baby and every carrying position.  Unlike our Original and All Position 360 baby carriers, which require purchasing the infant insert to carry a newborn, the Omni 360 is newborn ready. The bucket seat in this baby carrier gradually adjusts to cozily fit and support your growing baby, providing the proper ergonomic “M” shaped sitting position for babies up to 48 months. It also allows you to carry your baby in four positions: facing in, facing out, hip carry and back carry.

To make it a little easier

You will see a stitched triangle emblem on the pillow and this should always be pointing upward and facing you, with the baby seated on the wider seat of the pillow.  When used with the shell of the Infant Insert, the direction of the triangle is easy to match with the stitched triangle on the shell.

How to Use our Infant Insert with a Newborn

How to Use our Infant Insert from 4-6 months

If you still have questions you can read more in our FAQ’s here.