European Babywearing Week – Your Babywearing Stories

European Babywearing Week

Your Babywearing Stories


It’s European Babywearing Week and we wanted to celebrate by collecting together a series of babywearing stories from our lovely community. They’ve made us laugh and they’ve made us cry and they’ve made us do a lot of nodding our heads saying “us too!”.


There are a million moments that make up this journey of parenthood and the moments spent babywearing are some of the most precious to us. So here are just some of the incredible stories that have been shared with us this week, we’re honoured to be able to share them with you! If you haven’t shared yet but would like to then head over to this Instagram post and share your story in the comments – at the end of European Babywearing Week we’ll be picking one follower at random and sending them a baby carrier of their choice!


Please be aware that one of our stories we’re sharing here includes mention of baby loss, it’s the first story in our piece so if you’d like to skip past that one for any reason then please do that, and we’re sending you extra love.



Our little Louie was born at 31 weeks and we spent a long 72 days in NICU. On bringing him home I always wanted him as close as possible. I was always scared of him not breathing or something bad happening. But having him in the carrier on my chest in the same place meant we had so many kangaroo cuddles in NICU, made me feel at ease. I could feel him breathing and we were both in our happy places. We could enjoy walks outside and get the fresh air we both desperately needed. In the pram I would constantly be stopping to check he was ok, in the carrier we both felt safe and he was relaxed and most often asleep. Louie sadly fell ill and passed away at 7 months old in July 2020. I will treasure these photos and the happiness we felt in those moments forever. He has sent us a baby brother to grow and I can’t wait to experience this closeness again with his little sibling. I just hope that he enjoys the carrier as much as his big brother did



The first time I ever put Griffin in his baby carrier the first thing I felt was honestly pure relief. My back was hurting badly as I already had a bad back before pregnancy which was now even worse and my little one has always been on the heavier side of the graphs so my arms were aching too. I was also in shock as I actually had 2 hands free for longer than 2 minutes for the first time in months!

But once the instant relief and shock subsided all I remember feeling is love. I was able to do all the normal things I used to do so easily like wash up, hoover and make dinner yet it was different now. Now it was even better because I could do all of those things with my beautiful son staring up at me. Being able to do that truly made even the hard days brighter.

Griffin loves being front-facing in his carrier now that he’s old enough and being at conversation-height makes him smile so much and he often tries to join in, even if it is just babbling and blowing bubbles

Baby wearing not only made daily life easier in the early stages but it’s allowed for a great bonding experience and we will continue to let Griffin explore the world in this way until he starts taking those first steps all by himself and would absolutely do it again if we have another baby ❤️



I would like to share our proud baby wearing moment. The first time hiking to the Blorenge Summit in Wales. Our son is 6 weeks old and I carried him in my birthday carrier.



I love babywearing! It’s so special to me as my now fiance proposed to me while we were at Brimham rocks and I was wearing my 7mo facing out so she was part of it too (even if she won’t remember )



I love using our ergo baby carrier I have recently started my weight loss journey after having our Ro and love a good adventure to get those extra steps in, using the buggy everywhere isn’t always suitable so we often wear her so we can climb those steps just like in this photo we come down a load of steps to get to this pebble beach & daddy wanted to wear her back up it really helps me get those cuddles and bonding time too specially now she wants to be off crawling everywhere  




Wearing our babies gave us the freedom to explore different countries. Our first holiday abroad was to Portugal, where the roads are mostly cobblestones. I remember wearing our 5 month old son around this amazing park that wouldn’t have been possible if we used a pram!



My carrier has been with us through 4 children and countless adventures, it has walked round lochs in Scotland, mountains in the peaks and the way down to Lands End but it’s so much more than that; it’s allowed me to carry my toddler when he is tired, it’s given me rest and provided comfort from a reflux baby and been my second pair of hands when I’ve needed to cook dinner. It’s been a lifeline that I simply could not be without. A christening gift for my first baby has simply been the most useful gift we have ever received and has saved many tears and provided many more smiles



Holding my baby close was my sanity and comfort becoming a mother during the pandemic we babywore all day every day


I love baby wearing after having baby number 4. I never used a carrier with my other 3. I love the fact that it’s so easy to put on and go out on our daily dog walks together. Soon I will be able to put her facing outwards which I think she will love.


We loved walking pre baby and the ergobaby means we can still get out even where we wouldn’t get the pram to. She loves it too and it quite often ends up with her happily asleep! It was a life saver when she was little too as she wouldnt nap in her cot so she was strapped in and I’d get stuff done round the house!


My baby loves being the carrier, we love a nap on the go, or if he’s not napping I love chatting to him and telling about everything we see from the different trees, plants, animals to aircraft flying above us. I couldn’t live without our omni 360 we’ve hiked, done stuff round the house, gone through the airport, I’ve even breastfed in it


I love baby wearing, my baby is 5 months now. It was perfect to put her in the carrier when she was newborn so that I could have her nice and close also just do little things like, butter toast two handed and brush my teeth and now she is 5 months she loves going in her carrier facing outwards looking around and taking everything in on our daily walks with the dog. I don’t know what I would do without my carrier.


I love the flexibility of babywearing – not limited to pram accessible places so have used on long walks in the countryside! We also used it when visiting the farm last weekend and she loved being able to see and get up close with the piglets and lambs


My little one loves our little trips out in the carrier. She’s banked a fair few naps in it too We recently wore her in the carrier round a racetrack (a lot easier than pushing a pram on the gravel!!!) She enjoyed watching the cars with her little ear defenders on!

Happy European Babywearing Week everyone!