Ergobaby Omni 360 Review : Young London Mum

What a lifesaver…

My mum looks after children for a living and literally drilled me about getting this carrier for weeks and weeks before Tayo was born. At the time (no offence mum) it was slightly annoying but now I feel like I owe her BIG TIME. There is just no way I would survive city life without it. Its just not possible lol. I live in a 3rd floor apartment with no lift, so theres no such thing as nipping out with a buggy. Its a whole process which involves multiple trips up and down the stairs and 1) I can’t be bothered, 2) I’m too tired and 3) its been a freaking heatwave and its too hot. So this is when the Ergobaby has stepped in to save the day lol.

As well as this, there had been many occasions where I find the carrier better than a pram… Ive made a list :

  • Travelling. Ive made multiple trips home to Kent and rather than struggling with a buggy on the tubes and train, the Ergobaby allows me to travel with both hands free which is kind of a necessity.
  • Small spaces. A few of my local shops are just too small to go around with a buggy
  • Places with stairs. While visiting friends and family we’ve come across lots of places where the journey involves stairs, so taking baby in the carrier instead is always a better option.
  • Walking the dog. Having Tayo in his carrier instead means he’s settled and peaceful while I walk the dog and give him some much needed attention.
  • After a feed in the house. Tayo can get a bit refluxy if I lay him down after a feed, so if I have things to get on with in the house I will just pop him in the carrier and get on with the housework.
  • Settling. If Tayo is being particularly fussy / upset and won’t settle, I know all I have to do is put him in the Ergobaby and walk / move around. He will be calm / asleep in minutes. I did this with him from a very young age and its actually a god send. I’ve even taken the carrier out as well as the pram just incase he’s screaming and I can’t settle him.

Long story short, having this carrier has meant I can venture out alone with Tayo and not needed to rely on someone to help carry the pram. Being able to have independence as a new mum has been essential to feeling confident in the first few weeks/months while I settle into my new role as mummy. Tayo LOVES being held close on my chest and hearing my heart beat so I know he’s happy in the Ergobaby, and happy baby = happy mummy.


My favourite feature of this carrier is the time frame that you can use it. You don’t have to buy a newborn insert as well, so its just a one off cost. It runs from newborn until 36 months !!! So the £154.90 price tag is fully justified. In fact, if you work it out over the 3 years you can use it, its only costing you 14p a day, now thats a bargain !!

The other feature that I love is the amount of ways you can use it. Living up to its name, Omni 360, you can carry your little one in 4 different positions.

  1. Front Carry – inward facing (0+ months)
  2. Front Carry – outwards facing (5+ months)
  3. Hip Carry (6+ months)
  4. Back Carry (6+ months)

Its also super easy to use and put on, theres no fiddly straps or buckles and everything is designed so mumma can put baby in and adjust if need be without any help.

Billie Brown-Young | Young LDN Mum

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