Ergobaby Love Story: Siân Ratcliffe

Ergobaby Love Story | Siân Ratcliffe | Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier in Galaxy Grey

Mum of two boys, Siân, from South Wales embraced babywearing with her two boys Ollie, 3, and Fletcher, 18 months. Her family has enjoyed rural walks, festivals and holidays with their trusted Ergobaby carrier.

Where and when did you first get your Ergobaby carrier?
We had our first Ergobaby carrier which was the Ergobaby Original Galaxy Grey when Ollie was about 3 months old. We bought it from John Lewis. I had used a soft fabric wrap for the first three months as I didn’t realise I could use the Ergobaby from birth.

How long have you been using your carrier?
Since Ollie was 3 months old. He’s now 3 years old, and we are still using it with him. He’s 16kg so we have 4kg left until we have to stop with Ollie.  With Fletcher, we used it from birth and I bought an infant insert.

What made your Ergobaby your go-to carrier?
I tried lots of carriers, the ergobaby was the most comfortable to wear. Also, I loved the way it looked (my husband could wear it too). The hood has been fantastic especially when we back carry when Ollie is sleeping, it keeps his head safe so it doesn’t fall back.

Where do you and your family go in your Ergo?
Where don’t we go??! The beach, days out shopping, local attractions, local walks (we live in a really rural part of Wales so the walks can be challenging but beautiful, not suitable for a pram or buggy), the list is endless. In the airport and while on holiday the Ergobaby has been priceless. Both boys have no trouble sleeping when they are being carried.

Do you have a favourite carry position?
For Fletcher definitely a front carry, I love being able to hug him and kiss head. For Ollie, always a back carry as he is so long! Plus he enjoys the view.

Does your husband use your Ergo? Do any other family members?
Yes! My husband is a keen sling wearer, more so with Ollie as I think it feels like a piggy back when he is on a back carry position.

Ergobaby UK | ErgoPromise | credit : @ollie_and_fletch Ergobaby UK | ErgoPromise | credit : @ollie_and_fletch Ergobaby UK | ErgoPromise | credit : @ollie_and_fletch
credit : @ollie_and_fletch

What’s a favourite Ergo memory?
Going to a local festival, Ollie was walking and Fletcher was in the sling. My hands were free to hold my own drink – which is a luxury when your a mam to two young boys! Lol

What superpower does putting on your Ergo give you?
Multitasking! That’s a definite yes. I could soothe both boys when they were little and carry on with everyday household chores when they were in the sling.

What babywearing tip would you give to a new mum or dad?
Start babywearing as soon as possible you won’t regret it.

Tell us about the joys of babywearing.
Being close to my boys is such a lovely feeling. I feel that it really helped with my bonding with both of them, and their face lights up to go in the sling especially Ollie. It makes him feel so special.

What would life look like without your Ergobaby carrier?
Sorry did you say without it?? It would be far more complicated with our freedom cut quite short especially with rural off road walks.  There’s no way I could carry either boy in my arms through forestry or countryside paths. When Ollie is walking beside me I can front carry Fletcher and easily hold Ollie’s hand. I think a lot of freedom would be lost.

When your babies are all big and it’s time to retire your Ergo, what will you do with it?
Do I have to think about that yet? That makes me sad. I would hope that I had a friend that may need it so that it can bring joy to another family.

Any other comments:

We just want to say thank you for making both of our children have a safe and loving experience being carried, and letting us as a family have so much freedom.

You can follow Siân’s and her boys adventures on Instagram at @ollie_and_fletch

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