Does the Cool Air Mesh on our carriers really make them cooler? Read on to find out about the live test!

Ergobaby | Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier

With the summer temperatures and recent heatwave we just experienced, have you ever asked yourself ‘how warm will it be in a baby carrier?’

Our partners in Croatia have hot temperatures more or less permanently – at least at this time of year. And that’s exactly why a local carrying consultant wanted to know exactly what it was like:

What is the difference between a baby carrier made of mesh material and a cotton carrier?

To find out, she first kept an Ergobaby Adapt and an Adapt Cool Air Mesh at home at a constant 25 degrees and wore each for 10 minutes. After just under half a minute and at the end of the test wearing, a photo with a thermal imaging camera was taken. She repeated the same with the Tula Free to Grow and the Free to Grow Coast carriers. Meanwhile, her baby was wearing a cloth nappy and a cotton undershirt. She wore a cotton T-shirt herself.

The results of her experiment really amazed her Croatian colleague: While the temperatures in the Adapt rose from 25.3 to 33.2 degrees in the area of the back panel within 10 minutes, in the Adapt Cool Air Mesh almost nothing changed in the same period! It changed from 27.7 to 27.8 degrees, just 0.1 degree difference. Only in the lower area, where the mesh material ends, was an increase of 1 degree recorded.


Heat Test | Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier Heat Test | Ergobaby Adapt Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier
Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier Ergobaby Adapt Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier


The fine mesh fabric keeps its promise: it ensures good air circulation at higher temperatures and reduces the risk of heat accumulation. However, the carrying consultant also notes that the temperature between the carrier and the baby is identical in all carriers.  The larger body – in this case, the mother’s – “takes over” the baby’s warmth and cools it down – no matter which carrier you are using. To make sure this is the case, you should always make sure that you don’t wear too many layers of clothes and, above all, the right clothes when carrying your baby.

You can read more about wearing your baby in warmer weather here.

This test carried out by our Croatian carrying consultant is really exciting. With the help of the thermal images, it confirms that a Cool Air Mesh carrier is definitely a good choice in Summer and warmer temperatures.


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