Date Night Ideas for New Parents

Congratulations! If you’re here it means you’ve already taken the biggest step, you’re ready to go out on a date. It might sound silly, after all you’ve done this before, but dating after having a baby can feel like an alien experience so we’re here to help. Date night lets you reconnect and refocus on each other, remember who you were before your baby/babies were born and just enjoy each other’s company.


The first rule of date night is to prioritise date night; that means no cancelling due to work, tiredness or any other reason. See if you can make it as regular occurrence as you can, aim big with once a week, or go for once a month if you feel that’s more achievable. The last rule of date night is the toughest, try not to talk about your baby or children. It may go against every instinct but make this time all about the two of you and you won’t regret it.


Here’s some date night ideas to get you started:


Do something cultural

If it feels like a long time since you experienced something more cultural than Hey Duggee or Mr Tumble, then this one’s for you. Try an art gallery, a museum, the theatre, the ballet, the opera, anything that will either enrich your mind or just let you have fun playing critic. Pick a free exhibition or local amateur dramatics group to save cash then sit back and channel your inner Michael Billington.

‘What’s On’ near you

Check out Facebook Events or your local newspaper to see what’s new in your area, there may be something that surprises you. Whether it’s challenging your brains with an escape room, your balance with a seasonal ice rink, or your bravery on funfair rides, find something new and give it a whirl.


Hold games night

Round up some friends and get your game faces on. Ask everyone to bring their favourite game and something to eat and drink then take it in turns to play each game. Pro tip, if you can’t manage a babysitter then offer to host, it might mean a little more clearing up but you can play in your slippers which is a win to us!


Learn a new skill

Have you been meaning to broaden your culinary repertoire beyond ‘a mean beans on toast’, or have you been adding ‘learn Spanish’ to your New Year’s Resolutions for the last five years? Now is the time to stop procrastinating and do it! Let go of your inhibitions (remember, everyone is there to learn) and whether or not you find success at the end of the class you can feel a sense of accomplishment for just showing up. Cookery, wine tasting, crafting, learning a language, the options are endless and some can even be done from home if you prefer – the Duolingo app is brilliant for learning a new language and learning a new dish can be as easy as Googling a recipe – so don’t let anything hold you back.


Go for a picnic

Simple but effective, load up a basket with your favourite foods, pack a rug and head somewhere local to just hang out and unwind. And if you can’t get out the house then set up in the living room or back garden, it’s the thought and the company that counts!

Have a movie night

Nothing revolutionary here but pick either the cinema or your sofa, make sure there’s popcorn and big bags of sweets (we won’t tell if you don’t share), an oversized fizzy drink that probably means you’ll need to take a break mid-movie, and get lost in the big screen.


Just go for a drink

If a whole evening or night way from your baby feels a bit daunting, go for a daytime coffee or just out for a drink, sometimes just the process of going outside or putting on something smarter than usual is enough to recharge the batteries and feel refreshed. Don’t beat yourself up for wanting to start slow, you’ll be back into the swing of things before you know it.


Get active

Exercise releases ‘happy hormones’ and is a great way to reconnect with your partner. Real daredevils should try a high-wire course, companies like Go Ape provide great, safe fun and have locations all over the UK. For those who prefer to keep both feet firmly on the ground, something more traditional like mini golf or bowling can be taken up a notch, lots of bowling alleys offer disco bowling nights if you fancy a party atmosphere. Or it can be as simple as going for a long walk or hike, anything that gets you moving, and the blood pumping, ticks the box and is sure to feel good.

Go on a staycation

Once you’re ready for overnight, book an Airbnb or nice hotel room somewhere relatively nearby, and simply appreciate being away from the day-to-day. Make dinner reservations, see the sights, walk and talk and enjoy time just for the two of you.


If you have any other tips or date night ideas, be sure to share them with us on social media or tag us in your date night pictures, we’d love to see what you get up to!