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Is a baby cold or baby cough causing a BIG problem for baby sleep? Our Sleep Specialist Gemma Coe shares how to maximise your sleep when baby is unwell

how to help your baby sleep when sick

As a parent, it’s heart breaking to see your little one feeling unwell. A baby cold or a baby cough can be a BIG problem for sleep for both baby and you. It’s so hard to comfort them while meeting all their other needs whilst trying to help them (and you!) get the rest they…

Dressing baby at night with the optimal baby winter sleeping bag.

what to dress my baby in in winter

Too warm, too cold – with baby it’s an eternal worry that their bedroom temperature and clothing isn’t right. Newborn babies can’t regulate their own temperature at first but during the day baby wearing can help regulate your little one’s body temperature. How? When you as parents sweat, you are the natural air conditioner for…

Ergobaby AWAY vs. Omni™ Breeze and Omni Dream™

ergobaby away vs ergobaby omni carrier

Everyday life is full of decisions, especially when you are expecting a baby or have just become parents, there is so much to think about, research and decide. We want to make your life a little easier when it comes to choosing the right baby carrier for you and your little one. Here is a…

Baby bouncer, supporting developmental milestones.

baby bouncer supports development

How can you use a bouncer to promote your baby’s development? Put your baby safely and securely in their bouncer, hop into the shower, done! This is one of the most common functions of this everyday baby essential item. Especially in the beginning, when your baby is small and prefers to be snuggled and close…

Exercise during pregnancy and returning to fitness after birth.

exercising during pregnancy

You don’t need to avoid exercise for nine months, unless you have specific medical advice telling you not to do any exercise during pregnancy or to adjust certain movements. If you exercised before you became pregnant, you can continue to exercise now. The aim should be to keep your current level of fitness rather than…