Beware of Counterfeits

Beware of Counterfeits | Ergobaby UK

We understand that you want the best and safest products for your baby.  Unfortunately, there are counterfeit and potentially dangerous copies of our Ergobaby Carriers on the market.  We urge you to obtain genuine products and educate yourself and others on how to purchase authorised products and how to avoid counterfeits that could potentially cause harm. We pride ourselves on using high quality, certified materials produced in independently inspected factories that adhere to responsible work practices. Our Ergobaby Carriers have attracted a host of international product awards and health endorsements.  Unfortunately, this success has also attracted unscrupulous copies. We love the fact that the Ergobaby Carrier is a “must-have” on many baby shower lists.  But that means that you as parents may not be purchasing the Ergobaby Carrier for yourself, and we understand that many of you receive an Ergobaby product as a gift.  For that reason, we urge you to please review and share this information with friends and family members who may be purchasing the carrier and related products for you and your baby.


What is counterfeiting?

Definition: A counterfeit Ergobaby product is any imitation or fake product made with the intent to deceive you into believing it to be genuine Ergobaby product. Our goal is to help you to be aware of how to avoid purchasing counterfeit Ergobaby Carriers and products that are being sold to unsuspecting buyers as genuine Ergobaby products.

Why purchase authentic Ergobaby products?

Purchasing genuine Ergobaby products is best for you and your baby.  We want all babies and toddlers to be carried safely—and for you to have the quality products you deserve.

You can purchase your authentic Ergobaby Carrier and accessory products only through our Authorised Retailers and Ergobaby directly on our website,

For our authentic products, we can guarantee attentive and personal Customer Service, and the ErgoPromise, 10 year guarantee.

Superior quality. Safe, happy babies.

Ergobaby never settles for less than exceptional. From materials to workmanship, our carriers are built to last for years to come as your baby — and family — grows.

That’s why every Ergobaby carrier comes with the ErgoPromise Guarantee. If you find a manufacturing or material defect, we’ll replace your carrier or part at no charge.

We stand by our products so you can carry your precious cargo with confidence.

Beware of Counterfeits | Ergobaby UK

Ergobaby Customer Service unfortunately cannot verify, confirm, or assist your purchase through unauthorised sellers on a counterfeit site such as eBay or other 3rd party sellers as we support purchases only through our Authorised Retailers. If you choose to purchase from non-authorised retailers, you are purchasing at your own risk and those products are not valid for warranty or support.

Protect yourself from counterfeits

Please do get in touch to check if the retailer you are buying from is an Authorised Ergobaby Retailer.

What is Ergobaby doing?

Here at Ergobaby, we are working hard every day to identify and de-list sites that sell counterfeit products.  To date, we have delisted over 1,600 sites.  We use a service to help us source sites that are not legitimate, but we also rely on you to help us.  We maintain a list of known or suspect sites and we rely on your help to help prevent others from purchasing counterfeit product that may be potentially hazardous.

We continue to explore and implement new technological developments to deter counterfeiting.  Ergobaby uses special packaging and printing techniques that make counterfeiting both more difficult to accomplish and easier to spot.

Additionally, we have put in place business practices that are designed to 1) protect our customers, 2) increase cooperation with law enforcement agencies to successfully prosecute counterfeiters, and 3) promote proactive public policies that will help to reduce counterfeiting.

What can you do to help?

Ask questions and express your concerns about Ergobaby product counterfeiting, poorly packaged products, or any other issues regarding your purchased product that you do not feel confident in.

Consult Ergobaby Customer Service and seek advice from them if you don’t feel your product is genuine or if you run across a suspect site, or you feel you have been the victim of a counterfeit site.

Again, we urge you to purchase your Ergobaby Carrier and accessory products only through our Authorized Retailers and