Behind the scenes at Ergobaby: Designing the Metro stroller

At Ergobaby, we are known for our award-winning baby carriers that give parents the freedom to enjoy life’s big and small adventures. Now we’ve put our knowledge of ergonomics and comfort into developing a new compact city stroller. Here we explain the inspiration behind the Metro and how we used our experience in babywearing to develop a new stroller.

Ergobaby | Designing the Ergobaby Metro Stroller


To create our new premium stroller designed specifically with urban parents in mind, we collaborated with American designer, HUGE, on developing the Metro Compact City Stroller. Following extensive research on parent’s needs, HUGE Design found there are a growing number of city dwelling parents that value high quality and functional products that can fit into their busy and active lives. This research was used by Ergobaby’s engineers to create the final look and design of the Metro stroller. The modern look was created by contrasting primary light blue and black to blend the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ aspects.

One of the unique features of the Metro is Ergobaby’s trademark ergonomic design where the seat mimics the the body of the child. This has led to Metro being the only stroller currently on the market to be awarded a ‘Back Healthy’ certificate by the AGR of Germany.


Ergobaby Metro Stroller in Blue


Compact strollers tend to be considered fragile so Ergobaby and HUGE designed Metro to be a solid and robust by blending industrial design with the softness and comfort Ergobaby is known for. Parents need to feel their child is comfortable and secure, so HUGE sculpted the design of the stroller making it rounded and smoother, so that it would ‘hug’ the profile of the baby. This mirrors the feel achieved by Ergobaby’s carrier.


Ergobaby | Designing the Ergobaby Metro Stroller


The style of Metro was designed in collaboration with HUGE who have experience in working with materials for brands such as Nike. The aim was to develop a stroller with a smooth finish where the features are all in a seamless flow. The joint connecting the arms of the stroller for example has been developed to create softer intersections throughout the product, making it appear contemporary yet approachable. Additionally, the mesh basket underneath the seat provides storage space for the family’s bags or shopping, as well as protection from dirt, mud and rain. The Metro is available in three colours to match the parents fashion sense – grey, blue and black.


Ergobaby UK | Metro Stroller | Compact City Stroller Collection


The Metro is currently in the running for the sought-after IF Design Award, so please keep your fingers crossed that we will soon be able to bring you great news on this!

You can read about everything the designers considered in the creation of the Metro on this designer news page. A wonderful glimpse behind the scenes…

Photos: Courtesy of HUGE Design