About to become a parent or a parent already? Have you tried this approach to parenting?

Attachment parenting focuses on continuous connections, closeness and touch with baby.  Using a carrier or sling can help aid this.  Whether it’s responding to your little one’s cry or human contact carrying your children helps respond quicker. Whether it’s a baby, toddler or older child, they love to be held which means you can learn to adapt to their needs.

Ergobaby attended the most recent Attachment Parenting Conference and were lucky enough to hear so many different speakers talk about the different areas of Attachment Parenting.

Dr Rosie Knowles was a key note speaker at the event.  Dr. Rosie Knowles, runs the Snug, the Sheffield Sling Surgery, a consultancy and sling library service, and the associated online Sheffield Sling Surgery Virtual Community. She has been trained by several schools registered with the British Association of Babywearing Instructors and her passion to support families is just incredible.


For more information, visit : http://www.sheffieldsnug.co.uk/ or find them on Facebook :
The Snug  |  Sheffield Sling Surgery  |  Sling Spot


If you would like to learn more about Attachment Parenting you can read more here.

Make sure you read all about Michelle’s journey and keep an eye on their website and social channels for their next conference.

Enjoy :).