Seven pregnancy discomforts that no one talks about

Carrying a baby under your heart is a gift and incredibly exciting. What will it look like? Will it have mum’s snub nose or rather dad’s straight nose? And how will you decorate the nursery? Yes, there are many things to think about during pregnancy (or before). But for some unknown reason (at least for us), hardly anyone talks about ‘certain topics’. That’s why we’re doing it today. Because we love our Ergobaby blog but also because we honestly and openly and directly talk about topics that are perhaps not so readily discussed at the dinner table. We want to be the friend we would like to have ourselves. The friend who prepares you for EVERYTHING, and the friend who stands by your side when the time comes. So, let’s go:

1. Oops, a fart!

Oh no, what was that? Please don’t be ashamed. Remember baby takes up more and more space in the last trimester, it can happen that a little air escapes here and there. Clamping your buttocks together doesn’t work any more, since pregnancy often also stimulates digestion, the only thing that helps is to go to the toilet more often and try not to worry too much.

2. Skin and hair struggles

A rosy complexion, full hair – yes, there are pregnant women who literally blossom in the most beautiful nine months of their lives. But very few talk about it: There are also the others. And they make acquaintance with strange phenomena such as excessive pigmentation spots on the face or pimples on the back. While hair does indeed become fuller due to rising oestrogen levels, some pregnant women also wonder about hair in places where it is rather undesirable – for example on the back, stomach or face. It can happen.

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3. Elephant legs, big foot & blue vulva say hello

No, of course it doesn’t have to be quite that bad. But water retention can increase towards the end of pregnancy. Actually, not only in the legs, but in all parts of the body. Some women may be happy when their breasts get bigger, but some women also experience that their lips, noses, hands or feet (temporarily) get bigger. Not to mention the swollen vulva, which can sometimes appear bluish or greenish due to increased blood flow. Fortunately, most of this is reversible. However, the one extra shoe size stays with many women even after pregnancy.

4. Hello haemorrhoids!

Well, if you’ve managed to avoid it up to now, you could get it in the course of pregnancy. Haemorrhoids, but also (harmless!!) anal thromboses are not uncommon due to the softer connective tissue and increased pressure on the abdomen. The more socially acceptable variant is varicose veins. So if you notice pain in your legs during pregnancy or increased water retention early on, you should urgently go to the doctor and have compression stockings prescribed (pantyhose are somewhat more beneficial for weak connective tissue, as they don’t cut under the bottom as much). And hopefully the ring pillow will take care of the buttocks (please have them checked by a doctor).

5. We are running …

We wanted to be honest: The “nappies” thing can start even before the birth. In the course of pregnancy it is quite common for something to go wrong. The female pelvic floor becomes softer and softer due to hormones, and the strain is greater – so it’s no wonder that the bladder fails when laughing, coughing or sneezing (or just randomly). Panty liners or sanitary pads are therefore a beloved companion at some point and should be part of every pregnant woman’s handbag.

6. Water march!

Some women lose almost more water not through the urinary tract, but through the eyes. You’d never guess what hormones can do to your emotional state. And we don’t necessarily mean depressive moods. You may find that you suddenly burst into tears at the sight of little baby socks like there’s no tomorrow, you feel overwhelmed by little things around the house or constantly attacked in your relationship and job. After all, you are now set on nest-building and need a lot of peace and quiet, cuddles and security. Therefore: Watch out! That’s always such a stupid saying about hormones, but it really shouldn’t be underestimated. According to the saying, “you’re not you when you’re pregnant”, some people are really unrecognisable.

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7. Don’t forget: pregnancy dementia!

There she is in front of you – you’ve seen her a hundred times, but her name just won’t come to your mind. On top of that, you’re constantly looking for things, misplacing things, struggling for words, ditching your dates and finding yourself in sometimes bizarre situations. To put your mind at rest: This is normal. Around 80 percent of pregnant women suffer from forgetfulness and word-finding problems. The reasons for this are said to be changes in the brain (hormones, of course), stress or lack of sleep. But don’t worry: brain cells don’t die – and good friends have a good understanding for such things.

Conclusion: Don’t be afraid, just be prepared for anything and know that it will pass. And maybe you’ll even be one of the lucky women who won’t be affected. However it happens, your sweet baby is absolutely worth all the madness!